Flu Shots Again

Sep 27, 2010 Author Guy

This year I am going to try and get the flu shot that everyone is so happy with these past few years. I don’t like needles, which has prevented me from getting the flu shot in the past, but I’m tired of spending at least a week each winter with the flu. It really sucks getting the flu each year, it knocks me down for at least a week and I end up missing a chunk of work that is really hard to make up and get back in control when I finally get back to my desk.

I’m gonna call my doctor and make an appointment during my lunch break tomorrow and get the job done and over with.

New year of blogging

Jan 24, 2009 Author Guy

Alright people I finally got everything in my life back to normal again so that I have some free time to blog about all the great things that have happened over the last couple of weeks. First is I just got back from taking a 2 week vacation to Jamaica and I can tell you that it was probably the best time of my life. Second is we got a new boxer puppy dog and he has been a ton of fun to have around the house. Third I went ahead and traded in my old car for a brand new Corvette and I have been having a ball driving it around everywhere I can possibly go.

So whats happening with you and what do you have planned this week, month or year? I am thinking of starting a social media account probably at Facebook this week and planning another vacation this month and moving to another city this year!