Jun 11, 2011 Author Guy

Always a sucker for free fireworks, I love the Fourth of July. There used to be other events that would have fireworks involved. But, sadly, most of those events have quit doing the fireworks because of the cost.

We used to see fireworks on the Lake a couple of times each year, but that was stopped when the park got sold. Now, about the only way to see fireworks other than downtown on the 4th is to go to a Friday night home game with our local baseball team. They put on a 15 minute show after the games – but only on Friday nights and on opening day.


Apr 4, 2011 Author Guy

What is up with the Pringles cans? It seems like they have been one size forever, since they were introduced in the grocery stores 20 years ago. But today I went to the store and found two different sizes. The smaller size is the price I’m used to paying, but it obviously has less chips in it. The larger size is the right size can, but the price went up a dollar. That’s crazy!