Lunch Break

Mar 6, 2011 Author Guy

Let’s be honest – we are all getting pretty sick of the taste of food from McDonalds. Right? I mean the burgers are so thin, they have no taste – they are fried. They can’t be healthy for you.

I like the french fries at Mickey Dee’s, but the rest of the food there is so bland and I think I’ve just eaten there so much over the years that I’m sick of it.

Chocolate and Pretzels

Aug 29, 2010 Author Guy

Chocolate goes great on a lot of things. I discovered chocolate covered pretzels about 5 years ago. There are several ways to get a chocolate covered pretzel, but I like the ones at the Kroger that come in a plastic tub for about $2.

Last year I was at a Christmas holiday party and someone was passing around a bowl of white chocolate covered pretzels. Those were really good, in a different way. White chocolate just doesn’t taste the same to me, but it is OK for a change.

So now I hear that M&Ms are coming out with a chocolate covered pretzels version of M&Ms. I imagine these will be the milk chocolate, with the traditional hard candy shell. I’m looking forward to giving them a taste test.