Fucking hungry

Jan 22, 2012 Author Guy

I am so fucking hungry. Okay, I am a guy so I eat a lot and I am starving right now. I have a craving for some shrimp on the barby and a porterhouse steak. You know what that means. Outback Steak House tonight ! They haev the best steak ever, well with the exception of one. Kobe beef is the best beef in the world , but who can afford that shit. I love me some Outback steaks. The restaurant itself is unique and the food is meat and potatoes style good. Now I just have to decide if I want to eat alone or take a friend or date.

I think I will just take a friend for easy conversation. Taking a date means trying to impress someone and attempting to enjoy my meal at the same time. I would rather just enjoy the meal and casual conversation with someone I don’t have to impress. My buddy John is usually available, as he is not married yet either and is not dating anyone seriously right now,  so I had better give him a call before he makes plans. Who knows, maybe we can go play a few games of pool and have a couple of draft beers after dinner.