Apr 10, 2012 Author Guy

There is an awesome show on Showtime called Homeland. I have been watching the series from episode one on the on demand feature. This show is the fucking best. CIA and Marines and terrorists makes for really good couch potato time. Yes every now and then I need some down time just to myself watching the boob tube. Of course they make us look like a bunch of neurotic Americans in it, but then again some of us are. I wonder if some of this is really true though, because it seems so real.

I am sure that the writers have gotten some of their material from documents that were declassified to make this. They had to have. When I am done going through this series, I am going to start watching a few of the others in the on demand menu. If I had known about these before, I would have already been watching them for sure. I can’t wait to see how this one ends, so I am going to veg out in front of the TV today and see if I can finish it today. I have to remember to tell my dad about this show. He will love it.