Fucking internet

Feb 9, 2012 Author Guy

I hate my fucking internet company. I have to change them and soon. At least once a week my net goes out and I cannot get online. I am so tired of this shit. I know I shouldn’t have gotten internet through a satellite company, but it was a package deal with them and it sucks ass. I am seriously thinking about going back to cable. At least the cable only goes out when the lines are down from a big storm and not before hand, during or after a regular thunder storm.

I am researching the local companies to see who has the best deal. I can tell you now that Charter is looking real good too. They have the same package I have with satellite for less money. That is definitely a bonus. I will call them in a few minutes to see what they say, then I have to call my satellite company and cancel my account with them. Knowing them, they will probably try to charge me for breaking the contract, but I have registered enough complaints that I should be able to keep that from happening. Wish me luck people, I am going to need it. Damn satellite assholes.