No Cucumbers

Jan 2, 2012 Author Guy

One thing I really don’t like to eat is cucumbers. I don’t like them, no matter what you do to them or how you fix them. I don’t like them raw. I don’t like them marinated in vinegar. I don’t like them pickled, either. When I order a burger at the fast food places I have to ask them to hold the pickles or I have to pick them off with my fingers before I can eat the burger. Cucumbers are a pretty much useless vegetable as far as I’m concerned.

The Comics

May 30, 2011 Author Guy

My favorite part of the newspaper has always been the comics. If I had to pick just one section of the newspaper to read, I would pick the comics without a moment’s hesitation.

It used to be a traditional Sunday morning when I was growing up that my father would get the Sunday newspaper from the end of the driveway and bring it in the house. Then he would give out different sections of the newspaper for everyone to read while my mother cooked breakfast for the family. He always chose the sports section for himself, my older brother always wanted the front page, and I always got the comics. He saved the style section for my mother.

Even today, when I get the Sunday newspaper from the end of my own driveway now, I pull out the comics first and read them. They sometimes talk about newspapers dying and not being needed any more. But if that happened I would surely miss my comics. I know that you can read some of them online, but that is not the same as having the newsprint with colored ink in your own two hands. I hope that day never comes.