Late Night Phone Calls Are Rarely Good

Sep 25, 2012 Author Guy

Families may have different rules and policies about making phone calls at night. I wonder how late you think it is OK to call someone at home without it being so late that you are rude or disturbing the other person or their family?

In my home, as kids, we had a strict no phone calls after 9:00 pm policy. My dad was a real asshole about that. But after he split and left us all behind, my mom kept that rule. She pretty much said that it was rude to talk on the phone later than 9:00 pm on a school night. She also said that it would be rude to be a guest at someone’s house and stay later than 9:00 pm.unless it was a big party and the host was expecting everyone to stay on past midnight.

I know that I have been at someone’s house and started to feel like it was getting late and I wanted to leave. I have also had people over to my house and it was getting late and I wanted to ask them to leave. It gets to be a touchy thing – you don’t want to be rude, but sometimes you have to say things out loud because they just aren’t getting the fucking hint.

At my house, I don’t want a phone call past 9:00 pm, and I have found that on the few times the phone has rung later than that, the news was always bad. Sometimes you can’t wait until morning to share the bad news, but I always hesitate to answer the phone if it rings late at night. Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with any more problems or bad news.