New Grill

Sep 12, 2011 Author Guy

Can’t believe that any of the stores still have any summer merchandise on the floor, but the few things that are left are marked down big time! I scored tonight at Target. They had a sweet gas grill that originally listed for over $400 marked down to $120. Since it was the last one in the store, the floor model, and it had no box, I talked the guy into even more of a discount and I walked out with a monster new grill for $98! Hell yeah – steaks on the Barbie tonight!

Too Hot to Cook

Jul 22, 2011 Author Guy

I like to grill because I think the food tastes better. And I like being outdoors. Except this whole week it’s close to 100 degrees – even more if you take into consideration the heat index or “feels like” temperature of 125.

When its this hot, the oven heats up the kitchen so much that the whole first floor goes up at least 5 degrees. At least if I’m grilling that keeps the heat outside. Now if I could just show my woman how to make a batch of brownies on the grill.