Piss on that

Jan 16, 2012 Author Guy

I couldn’t believe the price for a new pair of work boots. They want two hundred dollars for a new pair of boots. Piss on that shit. I will not shop in that store anymore. Time to buy at Wally World or somewhere else. Maybe I will look online, but buying boots online is kind of scary. You have to try work boots on to see if they fit the way you want them to. I always put both boots on and walk around a bit to make sure that they are going to be exactly what I want.

Then again, if I buy the exact same boots I have online for cheaper, they should fit the same as the ones I have. I really would like to upgrade to a pair of Red Wing boots but they are really expensive and even more so in the stores. Perhaps I could go try them on in the store and then order what I want online for cheaper. That might work out well for me. Either way I am still going to have to buy new boots for work. I hate shopping for work boots. Oh well, what must be done, must be done.

Party with the Preds

Jan 8, 2011 Author Guy

preds vs sharks

The one team I love to see the Predators beat is the San Jose Sharks. I can’t stand that team – they are some lucky players. I am going to have some wings and beers and cheer for the good guys. Let’s go, Preds!