Mar 28, 2011 Author Guy

My hair is getting long. I don’t like the way it sticks up in the morning, like I stuck a finger in an electrical socket. I mean, it’s bad! So I’m getting it almost buzz cut this time. In fact, I could probably buzz it myself and save $20. That’s an idea.

Flu Shots Again

Sep 27, 2010 Author Guy

This year I am going to try and get the flu shot that everyone is so happy with these past few years. I don’t like needles, which has prevented me from getting the flu shot in the past, but I’m tired of spending at least a week each winter with the flu. It really sucks getting the flu each year, it knocks me down for at least a week and I end up missing a chunk of work that is really hard to make up and get back in control when I finally get back to my desk.

I’m gonna call my doctor and make an appointment during my lunch break tomorrow and get the job done and over with.

So where will they be in 10 years?

Aug 19, 2008 Author Guy

Ever thought about where computers will be in ten years? I mean if they keep doubling in speed and getting twice as small in size and getting cheaper every year than one starts to wonder where they will be soon or at least I am. I can see a day when computers are embedded into our clothing and maybe into ourselves one day soon with it being smarter than any desktop computer of today.

So what about the other things in life, where are they going to be in 10 years and what do you think they will evolve into? If you dare leave your thoughts about what ever!