Card Games and Board Games

Jan 14, 2014 Author Guy

Back when I was a kid, we played card games every weekend. It was a family thing. There were standard rules for a variety of card games and what we played often depended on how many other kids or grownups were interesting in playing with you. If only two people were going to play, that meant War or Spit or Cribbage and sometimes two handed Pinochle.

If three people wanted to play, that opened up a whole bunch of other games, like Spoons or Canasta. There are three player versions of a lot of games, too, like Rummy.

But the real fun started when we had four people – that’s when we played Hearts or Spades or Euchre or Pinochle or Rummy or Pennies from Heaven…. We also played a game called Red Dog, which was solitaire with others. That’s the only way I can describe. It is a fast paced game where everyone has their own deck of cards but you can play off what other people put in the middle.

Sometimes we wold get out the board games instead of cards. The Monopoly games always went on for hours – those were usually played in the winter when it was too cold to go outside and play. I always like the game Clue, but it was hard to find other family to play with me because I almost always won. LOL

Playstation 4 Lay-away

Aug 30, 2013 Author Guy

Everybody knows that the new version of the Playstations, number 4, is coming out the end of this year – just in time for Christmas. And it’s going to be expensive – about $400 for the new unit, which include a Blu-Ray player. I haven’t heard of the new games will be more expensive or not. I bet they have a price point that has already maxed out and people will just stop buying games that cost too much. Personally, I think $60 and more is way too much money for a fucking Playstation Game and I can rent them for a cheap week of fun for a lot less than $60. We will see.

What I’ve heard from friends is that WalMart is offering some kind of advance purchase lay-away plan. The game is not out yet, so they have no inventory. But you can commit to buying the game when it does come out in December by giving Wally money every month. By the time the new Playstation hits the stores, yous will be paid for and all you have to do is cruise by the store and pick up it. The brilliance in this plan is that Wally gets the use of your money for up to 5 months and they don’t have to do anything but bank it. And a bunch of dumb fucks that can’t just save their money in the sock drawer are going to fall for it!


Jun 11, 2011 Author Guy

Always a sucker for free fireworks, I love the Fourth of July. There used to be other events that would have fireworks involved. But, sadly, most of those events have quit doing the fireworks because of the cost.

We used to see fireworks on the Lake a couple of times each year, but that was stopped when the park got sold. Now, about the only way to see fireworks other than downtown on the 4th is to go to a Friday night home game with our local baseball team. They put on a 15 minute show after the games – but only on Friday nights and on opening day.