Apr 16, 2012 Author Guy

Hell fuck yea! Greg Biffle won the race on Sunday and it was an amazing race. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the TV for most of it, even though I was at a BBQ at my friends house. We pulled his big screen TV out onto the patio to watch the race and enjoy the awesome weather at the same time. It was a really great day. The food was great, and the race was non stop action. The fight to the finish was a really close one. Greg Biffle and Jimmie Johnson fought for the finish in a race that came so very close to a tie.

Ties in racing are next to unheard of what with slow motion cameras to pick up the cars as they cross the finish line, but this one was close. We had to wait for the officials to let us know just who actually won the race. It was really exciting. After the race was over we sat around bullshitting for a while before we all left. I really enjoyed my Sunday off this week. I think the next race I might invite the guys over here to watch it. We shall see.

Thinking of getting back into art

Aug 20, 2008 Author Guy

I have always loved drawing thing my whole life ever since I got my hands on a Crayola Crayon I loved to doodle and not that I have some spare time on my hands I am thinking of getting back into drawing stuff but this time online and for money instead of just to show my family or friends. I am looking at different programs like Photoshop and Flash in order to create the drawing and animations that I wanting to.

Even still if it does not work out where i make a dime it will still be fun learning all this stuff an drawing with it and who knows maybe one day it will pay off! Doing something I love is something I have always wanted to do that way work is never work it is just fun!