No Cucumbers

Jan 2, 2012 Author Guy

One thing I really don’t like to eat is cucumbers. I don’t like them, no matter what you do to them or how you fix them. I don’t like them raw. I don’t like them marinated in vinegar. I don’t like them pickled, either. When I order a burger at the fast food places I have to ask them to hold the pickles or I have to pick them off with my fingers before I can eat the burger. Cucumbers are a pretty much useless vegetable as far as I’m concerned.

Kids Movies

Dec 13, 2011 Author Guy

Do you ever think about how much movies made for kids have changed over the years? For the most part, computers and computer generated graphics have made it a lot faster and easier to create animated movies and special effects. The story lines have changed a lot and so have the soundtracks.

One thing I really don’t understand is why do they hire the big name celebrities to do the voices on animated movies? If you never see the celebrity and they don’t have to move or do stunts, who cares who is actually reading the lines? Why do they pay the high dollar actors and not give the entry level talent a chance to make some money and do the “acting”?

Housework Sucks

Nov 16, 2011 Author Guy

I hate housework. If I made just a little more money every month, I would hire a girl to come clean my damn house. I seriously hate cleaning – especially the bathroom. I just don’t even want to deal with it. I need a damn raise so I can get a maid.