With the price of DVDs why buy blu-ray?

Sep 27, 2008 Author Guy

Call me old or just someone who remembers what the very first porno on dvd cost when they first came out it was well over $60 dollars and now you can pick up 5 dvds for $5 dollars and for those kind of prices why would anyone buy a blu-ray porno disc? I still have not made the upgrade to a HD television screen and no one on my block has either but seen then you have to have a blu-ray discs player and right now I can barely put gas in my ride.

Anyways went to the local adult store around town here and saw the prices for these new adult blu-ray discs vs the old adult dvds and nearly had a heart attack. So for now I am getting my porn fix on dvd and unless you want to spend thousands on new gear and players than I would suggest you do the same thing!

How much is enough money?

Aug 19, 2008 Author Guy

When it comes to how much money you want to make in your life than how much would make you happy? A lot of my friends are stuck on the idea they have to make a million but I wonder would it take a million dollars to really make someone happy or is it really just a sate of mind poor people are in thinking that it will some how make them more happy, financially secure yes but more happy I do not know.

I wish there was a way to test this theory like we could give someone a million dollars to see if it cures all there woes or most of them or if it just starts more problems in there life. I would love to be that person that gets the million to find out so if anyone wants to fund my theory please contact me!