Valentines date

Feb 15, 2012 Author Guy

So I took this chick out on a date on Valentines Day. I usually don’t go for that shit, but she was hot and really cool, so I broke my general rule about new dates on Valentines. I met her at my friends Superbowl party and we hit it off. I like a woman who knows her football and actually likes it as well. It is a rarity that women understand or like football. When you find one who does, it is smart to get to know her at least a little bit. We had a good time last night on our date rehashing the game. I took her to a little Italian restaurant I know of and then we went out for drinks and some dancing.

I think it went well enough that I would see her again. I will give it a couple of days before I call though, because I don’t want to seem too fucking eager. That would give her the upper hand and I want this to stay on equal footing just in case it actually goes somewhere. She did impress me by not sleeping with me on the first date and that is unusual. Now a days most women don’t care about that kind of thing, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Fucking hungry

Jan 22, 2012 Author Guy

I am so fucking hungry. Okay, I am a guy so I eat a lot and I am starving right now. I have a craving for some shrimp on the barby and a porterhouse steak. You know what that means. Outback Steak House tonight ! They haev the best steak ever, well with the exception of one. Kobe beef is the best beef in the world , but who can afford that shit. I love me some Outback steaks. The restaurant itself is unique and the food is meat and potatoes style good. Now I just have to decide if I want to eat alone or take a friend or date.

I think I will just take a friend for easy conversation. Taking a date means trying to impress someone and attempting to enjoy my meal at the same time. I would rather just enjoy the meal and casual conversation with someone I don’t have to impress. My buddy John is usually available, as he is not married yet either and is not dating anyone seriously right now,  so I had better give him a call before he makes plans. Who knows, maybe we can go play a few games of pool and have a couple of draft beers after dinner.

Not a White Christmas Here

Dec 25, 2011 Author Guy

Last year we did have a white Christmas. It snowed for several days before Christmas and it snowed on Christmas Day, too. Not this year! The temperatures have not been below 35 degrees this winter.

We started the day out slow and easy, then we had to go to my mom’s house for dinner. She is a great cook and takes this Christmas dinner thing very seriously. So we all have to get dressed up nice, can’t be late, and have to make an extra effort to not get into an argument with anyone in the family so we don’t upset my mom and ruin her Christmas.