New Music

Oct 3, 2011 Author Guy

The best feature on Spotify is the the selection of new music that they list and you can hear free. I really like hearing albums from groups that I might not otherwise get to listen to. The new music gives you all the songs on the album and you have have chance to hear it and decide if you like it before making the decision to buy that music.

Change for the Sake of Change

Jul 28, 2011 Author Guy

So I got the new version of WordPress. Once again, I have to retrain myself to find where to click to get the things I use. It slows me down and is annoying as hell.

The new dashboard looks very different and its not really better for me. Now there is no short, fast click to take me to the text editor so I can write a new post. Sure, you can do the mini post – but they don’t let you assign your post to any categories. So that is useless.

Next time the smart people decide to make changes, how about having a good, useful purpose in mind instead of just changing things for the sake of change?