Christmas Commercials

Dec 19, 2016 Author Guy

he TV commercials for Christmas items stared mid-October and are now in high gear with Christmas Eve only a few days away. This year Christmas Eve is a Saturday night, with Christmas itself on Sunday. I am hoping that the weekend holiday will mean that more people will be able to see family and celebrate together without many people having to miss their regular work days.

Missing time from work for a holiday can be a burden for some people who only earn hourly wages and are desperate for enough hours each week to make a full paycheck. Having the holiday fall on the weekend also means that more people will be able to shop for last minute gifts without having to take time off from work.

Some of the Christmas commercials are for toys for the kids. Those usually air on the kids’ cable channels like Disney and the Cartoon Network. The daytime major networks are running a lot of clothing and household goods for the women. To be honest, I have not seen many commercials targeted toward men, although they might have some running on the SpikeTV network. I don’t usually watch that cable channel so I don’t know for sure.

The TV commercials that really slay me are all the ones for automobiles. It seems to me that only a small percentage of wealthy Americans can ever consider buying a car as a gift for the spouse. Most family budgets top out at a couple hundred dollars for the spouse, not $50 Grand. And, in my own opinion, I think a car would be a cheesy gift. You should buy a car when you need or want one – not as a Christmas gift. The same philosophy for engagement rings. I think guys who use Christmas as an excuse to buy her a diamond ring are lame. They should propose on a separate occasion and buy a thoughtful gift for Christmas. Sure, buy her jewelry if you want, but an engagement ring should be gifted for its own sake.

Not a White Christmas Here

Dec 25, 2011 Author Guy

Last year we did have a white Christmas. It snowed for several days before Christmas and it snowed on Christmas Day, too. Not this year! The temperatures have not been below 35 degrees this winter.

We started the day out slow and easy, then we had to go to my mom’s house for dinner. She is a great cook and takes this Christmas dinner thing very seriously. So we all have to get dressed up nice, can’t be late, and have to make an extra effort to not get into an argument with anyone in the family so we don’t upset my mom and ruin her Christmas.

Busy Week for Big Brown

Dec 19, 2011 Author Guy

Wow – it seems like every day this week I have had a package delivered to my doorstep by UPS. I bet the driver is about sick of driving down my street by now. I have seen the truck in my neighborhood as late as 8:30 pm, delivering the packages in the dark. I know this is their busiest time and after Christmas a lot of them will be out of work. But it is pretty cool to know that you can get a package from your house to mine in about 1 day, if you are willing to pay the price, no matter where in the U. S. that you live.

Start Shopping, Slackers

Dec 2, 2011 Author Guy

Everybody that I know has started their Christmas shopping. Some of them claim they have finished it all. Damn – I must be a slacker. Even though I did go out and deal with all that Black Friday mess, I scored some deals on things – like a sweet 42″ LED HD flatscreen for my bedroom – but they were for ME – not for Christmas gifts. LOL

Have a Merry Christmas

Dec 25, 2010 Author Guy

This is for my friends who celebrate Christmas. Although I am not a very religious person, I do celebrate Christmas, mostly for the spirit for which it is intended. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.