Cake or Pie?

Sep 27, 2012 Author Guy

If you were going to have a nice dinner with a girl – maybe the first date with her – and you went to a nice restaurant and she wants to order dessert, what would you get? I took it that she wanted to stay at the restaurant a little longer and just keep on talking and getting to know each other while we picked at some dessert and had coffee. So I ordered a slice of pie but she ordered a huge piece of cake called, “Death By chocolate.” Then she only ate about one fourth of the cake and said it was “too rich” for her.

But my pie was good, I didn’t mind that she couldn’t eat all of the cake, but it did kinda bother me that she didn’t take the rest of it home with her. They just cleared the plates away and tossed 3/4 of a good piece of cake into the trash.

Chocolate and Pretzels

Aug 29, 2010 Author Guy

Chocolate goes great on a lot of things. I discovered chocolate covered pretzels about 5 years ago. There are several ways to get a chocolate covered pretzel, but I like the ones at the Kroger that come in a plastic tub for about $2.

Last year I was at a Christmas holiday party and someone was passing around a bowl of white chocolate covered pretzels. Those were really good, in a different way. White chocolate just doesn’t taste the same to me, but it is OK for a change.

So now I hear that M&Ms are coming out with a chocolate covered pretzels version of M&Ms. I imagine these will be the milk chocolate, with the traditional hard candy shell. I’m looking forward to giving them a taste test.