Red Cars

Aug 31, 2010 Author Guy

A headline story on Yahoo news claims to have “the truth about red cars.” So I was curious and read the article. It says that red cars are popular because the color red portrays power. But I say that the color red also means passion and it means high risk.

The article says that the most popular car color in the United States is white. The second most popular color is silver. The least popular colors include orange, purple, pink and green.

I think the popular colors of cars also depend upon where you live. I know that in the desert states, the hot southwestern and the hot southern states all make driving a dark colored car very uncomfortable. So it would be natural to choose a white or silver colored car in those states. In the colder northern states, the color black is both practical and popular.

Waiting for the perfect car

May 2, 2008 Author Guy

I can not wait for the days when the cars drive themselves because when ever I go on the highways around here it always seems like everyone on the road is drunk or high. I wonder if the cars that drive themselves are really going to be here in my life time or if they are just a dream that will never come.

I would rather have cars that drive themselves than cars that fly to be honest last thing I want is someone crash landing there car in the house because something failed. Of course one that runs off of water or electricity would be nice as well.