Car Show Plans

Jan 9, 2017 Author Guy

The biggest car show of the year is coming up and I cannot wait to go see it. I love the sight, sounds and smells of the classic and antique cars that you see there. Roadsters, ragtops, muscle cars and more, there is a car there for everybody. The oldest ones, like the Model T’s are just amazing to see running and all shiny like they just came off the lot a hundred years ago.

My favorites are the roadsters and muscle cars, but the most awesome ones are the combinations. Those are really cool. There is always at least one person who will come in driving a vintage car or truck pulling an equally vintage camper. Usually they are really retro and so fun to look around. The amount of money people put into these vehicles is unbelievable.

I would love to restore an old vehicle myself, but I cannot decide which I should choose. Also, I have to look around and see what kind of deal I can get for an old car. They tend to be really expensive. At least they are if they have any work done to them. If you start from scratch it costs less to buy the car but takes a LOT of work to finish. I will keep my eyes open and when the right one comes along, I will know it right away.

Fucking Check Engine Light On Again

Jan 26, 2013 Author Guy

Why the fuck does the check engine light come on just a week or two before I have to take the damn car for the Emissions Inspection so I can get my tags renewed? How does the car know that this is the perfect time to fuck me over? Can’t drive on dead tags and can’t get tags with the check engine light one. So there goes a fast $800 to get the car worked on again.

Well Fuck Me Running!

Oct 7, 2012 Author Guy

What the fuck happened last night on my street? All the cars that are parked on the street have been splattered with eggs. Some punk motherfuckers had nothing better to do late last night than drive down my street throwing eggs at people’s cars?

This is insane. I should be able to park my car in front of my own damn house and not have to worry about some punk ass kids ruining my car’s paint job with eggs. If I catch those motherfuckers who did it I will have them arrested and will personally go to court to make sure those fuckers go to jail and not some lame ass probation or community service.

WTF is that Car?

Sep 8, 2012 Author Guy

Saw a car in the parking lot of Kroger last night and it really grabbed my attention. First of all, it was this weird yellowish orange color that I haven’t noticed on any other cars. I’m not a fan of yellow cars anyway – I think they are ugly. Some colors just don’t belong on cars, you know what I mean?

Anyway, the body style of the car was very modern and slick. At first I thought it was a new Porsche or some new European model car. That is not all that unusual around here, because we have a lot of filthy rich motherfuckers living in Nashville. Between all the music business people and famous singers and songwriters, plus all the pro-sports people, Nashville is loaded with rich people who drive fancy cars.

So, I was intrigued to see both the actual model of the car and also if it had any particular vanity license plates that would give me a clue as to who was driving this sweet ride. So, I drove around the end of the two other lanes in the parking lot and drove the wrong way away from the exit just to get a good look at the car.

Turns out the car had temporary paper tags on it – so it was brand new and no help there with who owned it. And the little silver logo piece on the back of the car says that it is a Nissan. Holy Mother – that is a sweeeeeeeeeet ride! I want one of those!