4G Rocks

May 16, 2011 Author Guy

I’ve been lusting after an Android phone. They want too much money for them though. Especially since I am so hard on phones. I am always dropping them and losing them.

My brother decided to bite the bullet and get the new phone with 4G. He called to brag about it. I told him to bring it over here and let me see it. I might want one.

Love My Mom

May 8, 2011 Author Guy

Everything I am and everything I do – I owe to my Mother. I am the luckiest guy in the world to have her. Lots of other kids wanted her to be their mom when I was growing up. I think everyone knew how special she was – the best!

Party with the Preds

Jan 8, 2011 Author Guy

preds vs sharks

The one team I love to see the Predators beat is the San Jose Sharks. I can’t stand that team – they are some lucky players. I am going to have some wings and beers and cheer for the good guys. Let’s go, Preds!

Take your praise! Bitch

Oct 8, 2008 Author Guy

This fucking song rocks its called take Your Praise by Camille Yarbrough which I like I just said fucking rocks! So with that said go find it and take a listen for yourself to see if I am right and if you think I am wrong well your so very very wrong I can tell you that much because this song, well you know that already so what are you still doing here go have a listen already!

Every once and awhile I like to write about random shit that comes along in my life and this was one of those times! But that is what this blog is about sharing awesome things with you the reader and me so i can easily find things again!

Thinking of getting back into art

Aug 20, 2008 Author Guy

I have always loved drawing thing my whole life ever since I got my hands on a Crayola Crayon I loved to doodle and not that I have some spare time on my hands I am thinking of getting back into drawing stuff but this time online and for money instead of just to show my family or friends. I am looking at different programs like Photoshop and Flash in order to create the drawing and animations that I wanting to.

Even still if it does not work out where i make a dime it will still be fun learning all this stuff an drawing with it and who knows maybe one day it will pay off! Doing something I love is something I have always wanted to do that way work is never work it is just fun!