Riding the Trails in Maine

Oct 28, 2013 Author Guy

Had a business trip to Maine and I thought it would be good to meet up with some friends in the area. We haven’t seen each other in over 2 years and I planned my trip so I could spend two whole days with them.

Took the girls horseback riding at Camp Fairhaven in Brooks, Maine. We had a total BLAST. It was affordable, which helped the old wallet, and the staff were relaxed and very casual about everything. They didn’t make us ride single file on the trail like some places do, and we didn’t have to just walk on the trail – we took a side path for a short distance and found a big flat granite rock to sit on and appreciate the view.

They let us experiment with handling our horses and jumped in to help when the girls got nervous or had any questions. They even let us unsaddle and brush down the horses, which some people might think is just work or chores, but for us it was a treat to spend the time with animals and help take care of them.

It was a good day – I hope I’m not too sore tomorrow!

Lego Store Letdown

Sep 14, 2013 Author Guy

Every little boy Iknow loves to play with Legos and I have to admit that I still have a big plastic box of my own Legos from childhood tucked away in the garage. Some day I want to drag them out and spend a day building stuff with a kid who likes to play with Legos. I guess it will be up to my sister to start birthing boys so I can have a kid to play with . LOL

When I was a kid, my Legos were always tied into a gift of some sort. I got Legos for birthdays, for Christmas, and sometimes for getting good grades or doing something that my parents like. I don’t remember ever going to the store and picking out a box of Legos for myself. So, when I was at the mall the other day and saw a brand new Legos store had opened, I made sure to go inside and check it out.

Well, I don’t know what exactly I was expecting from a Legos store, but that was not it. The store had floor to ceiling shelves of Lego sets, but they were the same dozen or so sets. I was hoping to find 100 or more different sets. But that did not happen. I was also hoping to be able to buy any individual piece in the color that I wanted, and some mini-figures, too. But, no. They have a small floor display with bins of loose Legos, but they are only a few standard bricks. Nothing special.

Have to say, I left there disappointed. It was a Lego Store Letdown of huge proportions. I expected a massive inventory of Lego dreamland, and only saw a small store with limited, new stuff they were pushing on this next generation.

Playstation 4 Lay-away

Aug 30, 2013 Author Guy

Everybody knows that the new version of the Playstations, number 4, is coming out the end of this year – just in time for Christmas. And it’s going to be expensive – about $400 for the new unit, which include a Blu-Ray player. I haven’t heard of the new games will be more expensive or not. I bet they have a price point that has already maxed out and people will just stop buying games that cost too much. Personally, I think $60 and more is way too much money for a fucking Playstation Game and I can rent them for a cheap week of fun for a lot less than $60. We will see.

What I’ve heard from friends is that WalMart is offering some kind of advance purchase lay-away plan. The game is not out yet, so they have no inventory. But you can commit to buying the game when it does come out in December by giving Wally money every month. By the time the new Playstation hits the stores, yous will be paid for and all you have to do is cruise by the store and pick up it. The brilliance in this plan is that Wally gets the use of your money for up to 5 months and they don’t have to do anything but bank it. And a bunch of dumb fucks that can’t just save their money in the sock drawer are going to fall for it!

Checking Out New Plugins

Jul 9, 2013 Author Guy

Since bloggers don’t have to learn HTML programming to write their blogs, there are a lot of special gadgets and effects that we want but don’t know how to write the code to do it. So people have been writing plugins that do a certain kind of task, and all you have to do is activate them to get them working.

There is a repository for all the free plugins on the WordPress.org web site. Last time I looked there were about 4,000 plugins. So you have to search for exactly what you want and then evaluate the handful that come up to see which one meets your needs.

I’ve been shopping the repository for about 2 months and looking for a shopping cart/catalog type of plugin. There are a dozen listed, but none of them look like they do what I need. I’m getting frustrated.

I have a buddy that makes custom printed tee shirts and he wants to sell them online. Of course, I volunteered to help him with his web site and we ended up making it on the WordPress platform. The plugins have shopping cart features, but I want to show each shirt in a particular design and then let people choose what size they want. The plugins that I’ve seen make you enter each size as its own item, which is way too many items to show in a list. I haven’t figured out how to make one design as an item and then sizes be just a variable. Argh!

Let’s Vote on Commercials

Jun 24, 2013 Author Guy

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have a way to vote on commercials? I would like to give kudos to the funny commercials and the clever ones. And a big thumbs down on some of the really annoying ones. In fact, if a commercial gets too many thumbs downs, the advertiser should be required to remove them.

Some of the Progressive Insurance commercials are cute, if you can stand looking at that ditzy girl, Flo. But there is one commercial that came out recently with the announcer from WWF screaming into a microphone and that shit gets on my last nerve.