Piss on that

Jan 16, 2012 Author Guy

I couldn’t believe the price for a new pair of work boots. They want two hundred dollars for a new pair of boots. Piss on that shit. I will not shop in that store anymore. Time to buy at Wally World or somewhere else. Maybe I will look online, but buying boots online is kind of scary. You have to try work boots on to see if they fit the way you want them to. I always put both boots on and walk around a bit to make sure that they are going to be exactly what I want.

Then again, if I buy the exact same boots I have online for cheaper, they should fit the same as the ones I have. I really would like to upgrade to a pair of Red Wing boots but they are really expensive and even more so in the stores. Perhaps I could go try them on in the store and then order what I want online for cheaper. That might work out well for me. Either way I am still going to have to buy new boots for work. I hate shopping for work boots. Oh well, what must be done, must be done.

Free Falling

Feb 12, 2011 Author Guy

Caught a great song on the radio this morning on my way to the gas station. It was a Tom Petty song, from back in the 1990’s, I believe. I might have to look up the date later to be sure. But it seems it was late 80’s or early 90’s. If I had to make a guess and put money on it, I would say 1990.

The song was called Free Falling. I remember drinking beers in the back seat of a friend’s car, with my girlfriend on a double date with my buddy and his girlfriend. We all sang along with that song when it came on the radio. Good times!


Nov 25, 2010 Author Guy

This was last year’s Google logo for Thanksgiving. I like it so much I right clicked and saved it. I like the way they do logo’s with a theme.