Apr 10, 2012 Author Guy

There is an awesome show on Showtime called Homeland. I have been watching the series from episode one on the on demand feature. This show is the fucking best. CIA and Marines and terrorists makes for really good couch potato time. Yes every now and then I need some down time just to myself watching the boob tube. Of course they make us look like a bunch of neurotic Americans in it, but then again some of us are. I wonder if some of this is really true though, because it seems so real.

I am sure that the writers have gotten some of their material from documents that were declassified to make this. They had to have. When I am done going through this series, I am going to start watching a few of the others in the on demand menu. If I had known about these before, I would have already been watching them for sure. I can’t wait to see how this one ends, so I am going to veg out in front of the TV today and see if I can finish it today. I have to remember to tell my dad about this show. He will love it.

John Carter

Mar 17, 2012 Author Guy

Okay, I don’t see what all the fucking fuss is bout. I liked the movie myself. Everyone is saying that is bombed at the box office but I really liked it. I guess it is all about what genre of movies you really like. If you like a lot of science fiction then you will love it, but if you are only so so into sci fi then you probably wont. I have always been fascinated with science fiction, even when I was a little kid. I read ever sci fi book I could get my hands on and watched every TV show that had something to do with outer space as well.

I would like to think that there is more out there than dead space and dead planets. It is an endless universe after all and we cannot possibly be all that there is when it comes to sentient life. I guess I will probably never know myself, but I can hope that one day my descendants will find out. I hope that space travel becomes a reality and not just a dream. Until then however, I will keep dreaming and watching every sci fi movie and TV show that I can find.

Fucking internet

Feb 9, 2012 Author Guy

I hate my fucking internet company. I have to change them and soon. At least once a week my net goes out and I cannot get online. I am so tired of this shit. I know I shouldn’t have gotten internet through a satellite company, but it was a package deal with them and it sucks ass. I am seriously thinking about going back to cable. At least the cable only goes out when the lines are down from a big storm and not before hand, during or after a regular thunder storm.

I am researching the local companies to see who has the best deal. I can tell you now that Charter is looking real good too. They have the same package I have with satellite for less money. That is definitely a bonus. I will call them in a few minutes to see what they say, then I have to call my satellite company and cancel my account with them. Knowing them, they will probably try to charge me for breaking the contract, but I have registered enough complaints that I should be able to keep that from happening. Wish me luck people, I am going to need it. Damn satellite assholes.

Lost the Remote

Dec 29, 2011 Author Guy

Went into the living room today and wanted to watch a show on the big flat screen. Wouldn’t you know that some jackass took the remote out of the living room? I can’t find it, so I can’t even turn on the damn TV, because the manual on/off switch is broken. So the TV is dark, I’m pissed, and there’s no remote to be found. FML.

Start Shopping, Slackers

Dec 2, 2011 Author Guy

Everybody that I know has started their Christmas shopping. Some of them claim they have finished it all. Damn – I must be a slacker. Even though I did go out and deal with all that Black Friday mess, I scored some deals on things – like a sweet 42″ LED HD flatscreen for my bedroom – but they were for ME – not for Christmas gifts. LOL