The Comics

May 30, 2011 Author Guy

My favorite part of the newspaper has always been the comics. If I had to pick just one section of the newspaper to read, I would pick the comics without a moment’s hesitation.

It used to be a traditional Sunday morning when I was growing up that my father would get the Sunday newspaper from the end of the driveway and bring it in the house. Then he would give out different sections of the newspaper for everyone to read while my mother cooked breakfast for the family. He always chose the sports section for himself, my older brother always wanted the front page, and I always got the comics. He saved the style section for my mother.

Even today, when I get the Sunday newspaper from the end of my own driveway now, I pull out the comics first and read them. They sometimes talk about newspapers dying and not being needed any more. But if that happened I would surely miss my comics. I know that you can read some of them online, but that is not the same as having the newsprint with colored ink in your own two hands. I hope that day never comes.

Kindle Me

Feb 24, 2011 Author Guy

Everyone wants a Kindle so they can read books on a tablet instead of buying a real book. I don’t know if that is fair to all the book authors and publishing companies. Are the right people making money on these Kindles or are people getting ripped off like Napster did to the music business?

I hear the Kindle sells for about $120. That is the cheapest version, the small one, in only black and white. I want one in color, so I guess I have to wait until the price comes down a little – hopefully later this year.


Sep 16, 2010 Author Guy

I come across some pretty off the whole stuff rummaging through boxes. In my family we tend to pass things around to each other, take what you need or want and then pass it along. With every one pinching pennies these days, it all adds up! Anyway I some how managed to find a box in the back of my car last week, couldn’t tell you where it came from, but I took the time to look at the items that were thrown in there, pulled a few things out and will stick it back in my car to pass along to the next friend, co worker or family member that I run into that may have a use for some or all of the stuff left in it.

I found a stack of paper napkins with the following statement embossed on them.

To Be A Virginian, either by Birth, Marriage, Adoption, or even on one’s Mother’s side, is an introduction to any State in The Union, a Passport to any Foreign Country, and a Benediction from Above.

Signed by Anonymous

Since I was born in Virginia I’ve become used to seeing the famous “Virginia Is For Lovers” but I’ve never read or heard of this saying. I think it’s pretty cool and am going to pin on my bulletin board with all the other notes and mementoes that have gathered there for so long.

Red Cars

Aug 31, 2010 Author Guy

A headline story on Yahoo news claims to have “the truth about red cars.” So I was curious and read the article. It says that red cars are popular because the color red portrays power. But I say that the color red also means passion and it means high risk.

The article says that the most popular car color in the United States is white. The second most popular color is silver. The least popular colors include orange, purple, pink and green.

I think the popular colors of cars also depend upon where you live. I know that in the desert states, the hot southwestern and the hot southern states all make driving a dark colored car very uncomfortable. So it would be natural to choose a white or silver colored car in those states. In the colder northern states, the color black is both practical and popular.

Some other great bloggers writing

Oct 11, 2008 Author Guy

For all the good stuff you will read about here it will never be as good as these two blogs I am about to point out to you because they are written by very smart people who have great ideas unlike your truly. Anyways the first blog is called Another Critic With Guts which is written by a guy who holds no punched when it comes to the things he writes

The other is written be a woman named Mrs Mary who writes about all kinds of cool stuff. If you have never had the pleasure of reading these two blogs then be sure to head over and check them out sometime soon!