Busy Week for Big Brown

Dec 19, 2011 Author Guy

Wow – it seems like every day this week I have had a package delivered to my doorstep by UPS. I bet the driver is about sick of driving down my street by now. I have seen the truck in my neighborhood as late as 8:30 pm, delivering the packages in the dark. I know this is their busiest time and after Christmas a lot of them will be out of work. But it is pretty cool to know that you can get a package from your house to mine in about 1 day, if you are willing to pay the price, no matter where in the U. S. that you live.

Steak and Lobster

Dec 7, 2011 Author Guy

Holiday dinners always seem to be based on turkey or ham. What is up with that? Why don’t we celebrate Christmas dinner with some great T-bone steaks and lobsters? That’s what I’m talking about! Enough with the turkey, people! I want steaks – big, think grilled steaks are my idea of celebrating!


Sep 1, 2011 Author Guy

Here it is the first day of September. I don’t usually like the first day of the month. All my bills are due on the first of the month except for my car insurance, which Thank God!, is not due until the 20th each month. So the first two weeks of every month mean that I am broke and have to wait to get some fun money until i get the next paycheck.

This month, the Labor Day weekend actually means I get a day off – with pay. So I can relax next Monday and not worry about the paycheck being short on the 15th. That helps.


Jun 11, 2011 Author Guy

Always a sucker for free fireworks, I love the Fourth of July. There used to be other events that would have fireworks involved. But, sadly, most of those events have quit doing the fireworks because of the cost.

We used to see fireworks on the Lake a couple of times each year, but that was stopped when the park got sold. Now, about the only way to see fireworks other than downtown on the 4th is to go to a Friday night home game with our local baseball team. They put on a 15 minute show after the games – but only on Friday nights and on opening day.

Arriba Arriba

May 5, 2011 Author Guy

I don’t speak much Spanish, but I know that today is Cinco de Mayo and it is all things Mexican around here. All the Mexican restaurants are having fiestas and specials – this is a big party day!

“Cinco de Mayo” translates to the Fifth of May and is not really Mexico’s Independence Day. It is a celebration of the defeat of the French in 1862, at the Battle of Puebla. The most important national holiday in Mexico, their Independence Day, is on September 16th.