Daytona 500 baby

Feb 22, 2012 Author Guy

I can’t fucking wait. Daytona is this weekend and it is going to rock ! I may like football, but Nascar is where my heart lies. There is nothing better than to sit in the stands and feel the rumble of the engines as they go by. I am flying to Daytona to see the race in person. I will stay with some friends who live in Florida, not far from Daytona. Unfortunately they have to work, but I promised to bring them t-shirts from the race. John has offered me his camcorder to take with me to record the race. I haven’t decided if I will do that or not.  It depends on the camcorder. If it will last the whole race than it wont be that bad.

I have pit passes too, which means I will come back with a lot of signatures of my favorite drivers and their crews. I cannot wait to get Dale Jr’s siggy on my hat and Jeff Gordons siggy on my jersey. I am probably going to spend way more money then I should, but what the hell. This shit doesn’t happen all the time and I don’t know what will happen next year so this is it. Take advantage while I can.

Fucking hungry

Jan 22, 2012 Author Guy

I am so fucking hungry. Okay, I am a guy so I eat a lot and I am starving right now. I have a craving for some shrimp on the barby and a porterhouse steak. You know what that means. Outback Steak House tonight ! They haev the best steak ever, well with the exception of one. Kobe beef is the best beef in the world , but who can afford that shit. I love me some Outback steaks. The restaurant itself is unique and the food is meat and potatoes style good. Now I just have to decide if I want to eat alone or take a friend or date.

I think I will just take a friend for easy conversation. Taking a date means trying to impress someone and attempting to enjoy my meal at the same time. I would rather just enjoy the meal and casual conversation with someone I don’t have to impress. My buddy John is usually available, as he is not married yet either and is not dating anyone seriously right now,  so I had better give him a call before he makes plans. Who knows, maybe we can go play a few games of pool and have a couple of draft beers after dinner.

Sad Loss of Navy Seals

Aug 7, 2011 Author Guy

The news tells us this morning that a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan and all on board were killed. The loss includes a team of Navy Seals – the same Unit that recently captured Bin Laden. They were evidently on an immediate rescue mission to help a unit of Army Rangers engaged in a firefight. It sounds like the terrorists won this particular battle.

Arriba Arriba

May 5, 2011 Author Guy

I don’t speak much Spanish, but I know that today is Cinco de Mayo and it is all things Mexican around here. All the Mexican restaurants are having fiestas and specials – this is a big party day!

“Cinco de Mayo” translates to the Fifth of May and is not really Mexico’s Independence Day. It is a celebration of the defeat of the French in 1862, at the Battle of Puebla. The most important national holiday in Mexico, their Independence Day, is on September 16th.

Allergy Season

Apr 26, 2011 Author Guy

Map of Allergy Cities

This map pretty much shows you what’s going on with allergies in America. There are tons of cities having serious symptoms. I know there are cities not even shown on this map that are bad if you are sensitive to certain things, like mold or pine pollen.