Do You Remember Not Pumping Your Own Gas?

Jan 11, 2018 Author Guy

Here is one for the “you learn something new every day file.” When I first starting seeing all the posts on social media about Oregon passing a law to allow self service gas stations, I thought it was a big joke. I can barely remember the good old days of full service gas stations. It seems like I have been pumping my own gas for decades. I laughed at the comments from people on Facebook such as, “I don’t even know how to pump gas and I’m 62!” I had no idea some states still have full service gas stations, so I decided to dig a little deeper into the subject.

Oregon has just passed a law effective 1-1-18 allowing counties with 40,000 or fewer residents to have self service gas stations. Back in 1951, they had passed the law allowing only full service gas stations because of the fire hazards associated with dispensing fuel. They did not trust people to pump their own gas and thought it should remain in the hands of professionals.

It turns out, it’s not only Oregon. In 1949, a law was passed in New Jersey for the same reason. So there have been two states in the country that have only full service gas stations. I had no idea!

In New Jersey, motorists can be fined just for touching the pump! The only down side to this, I am hearing, is that it is often a long wait at the pump, especially if you pay cash and need to wait for change.

So, this is what I learned today!

Sad Loss of Navy Seals

Aug 7, 2011 Author Guy

The news tells us this morning that a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan and all on board were killed. The loss includes a team of Navy Seals – the same Unit that recently captured Bin Laden. They were evidently on an immediate rescue mission to help a unit of Army Rangers engaged in a firefight. It sounds like the terrorists won this particular battle.