With the price of DVDs why buy blu-ray?

Sep 27, 2008 Author Guy

Call me old or just someone who remembers what the very first porno on dvd cost when they first came out it was well over $60 dollars and now you can pick up 5 dvds for $5 dollars and for those kind of prices why would anyone buy a blu-ray porno disc? I still have not made the upgrade to a HD television screen and no one on my block has either but seen then you have to have a blu-ray discs player and right now I can barely put gas in my ride.

Anyways went to the local adult store around town here and saw the prices for these new adult blu-ray discs vs the old adult dvds and nearly had a heart attack. So for now I am getting my porn fix on dvd and unless you want to spend thousands on new gear and players than I would suggest you do the same thing!

Not your daddies tube but thats cool

Sep 26, 2008 Author Guy

When it comes to todays online tube websites like Your Hot Tube you know that you daddy only wished he could have had a tube like this and these are not your daddies tube sites either. Getting a dirty picture online back in the day of some hot babe used to take almost an hour to download and would cost a pretty penny now you can download free porn instantly from awesome tube like Your hot Tube and many many more.

And really I am kind of interested in finding more tube sites like Your Hot Tube so now that I have shown you mine show me your favorite tube site!

Austin Powers penis pump clip

Aug 7, 2008 Author Guy

This was probably the funniest scene in the Austin Powers International Man of Mystery film in which Mike Myers denies owning a penis pump because there is a hot woman Elizabeth Hurley standing next to him at the time. Of course everything to prove that the penis pump is indeed his is also with the stuff he gets in front of the hot woman.

I was surprised to find the clip on YouTube but laughed my ass off like the first time I saw the movie and knew I had to post about it here so everyone could have a great laugh to.