Good Bye and Good Riddance Verizon

Sep 24, 2010 Author Guy

I have been waiting for two long years to end my 2 year obligation that I signed up with Verizon as my cell phone provider. My phone is falling apart and since at the end of this month I’ll be Verizon free, it looks like I should start looking around and start comparing what phones are out there and what best deals are available for me to take advantage of.

There are numerous websites that make this task a much easier one to tackle. They take the leg work out of finding various information on the subject (this time the subject being a new cell phone provider along with a new phone) and assist with comparing the numerous companies that are out there competing for our business.

How much is enough money?

Aug 19, 2008 Author Guy

When it comes to how much money you want to make in your life than how much would make you happy? A lot of my friends are stuck on the idea they have to make a million but I wonder would it take a million dollars to really make someone happy or is it really just a sate of mind poor people are in thinking that it will some how make them more happy, financially secure yes but more happy I do not know.

I wish there was a way to test this theory like we could give someone a million dollars to see if it cures all there woes or most of them or if it just starts more problems in there life. I would love to be that person that gets the million to find out so if anyone wants to fund my theory please contact me!

Please invent this one day

May 26, 2008 Author Guy

I hope that one day someone will invent a perpetual motion machine that does create more energy than it requires to run the machine. i think by combining several technologies together I am sure ti is more than possible to create such a machine that could be sold at any place for a couple hundred dollars that would run someone entire home and did so off of water or electricity like batteries.

i hope that one day this machine will be invented so people can spend there money of life things rather than just being given to the energy companies. This would bring so much happiness to the World and a lot of great karma for the person who does and is something I would invest in no doubt.

Always invest wisely my freinds

Apr 20, 2008 Author Guy

I was brought up under the impression that there is always something more that can be done and when the day ends the night is just beginning so working hard has always been apart of my life as a child and even to this day as an old man I work hard and not because I have to but because i want to.

I could have retired a long time ago but I am glad i did not because investing in technologies and health care has paid off tremendously over the last couple of years and decades and now thanks to great advances in both fields i have a tremendous amount of stock options. That is another I was told and learned from my father which was to invest any money you have laying around but only in sure things.

And if one thing the depression of a long time ago taught my father there are 3 things that are recession proof and they are energy, housing, food, then health care. These industries always make money even in times of recession.