Sep 3, 2010 Author Guy

Hurricane Earl is going to effect millions of people over the week end. The news is full of updates with tracking of and the damage control. The east coast is in for a rough and rocky Labor Day weekend, what a bummer for all of the people that had plans for the last weekend of this summer’s season.

I don’t think that we will be affected much where we live. Maybe a rain storm or two, but nothing in comparison to the folks that are living close to the waters. We can only pray that no one gets seriously hurt or killed during this disaster.

These aint your mommas toys

Sep 26, 2008 Author Guy

Sex toys of today blow away the adult toys of yesterday and your mom only wishes she had a vibrators that were waterproof and added attachments like clitoral stimulators. No unfortunately way back in the day women would have to buy massagers if they wanted anything that buzzed.

But today thankfully both women and men have thousands of different toys to choose from in order to help themselves or others get off! My question to you is what is your favorite sex toy of all time and why? That is all you can go now or leave a freaking comment!

Lets get it done

Jun 4, 2008 Author Guy

Out of the box thinking is going to be needed if we are going to find cures for any new diseases in my opinion anytime soon. things like using radio waves. lasers, stem cells and out of the box thinking in order to cure these diseases that affect so may men and women of the planet.

We could be days away from a cure if we just started looking outside the box for ways to cure some of the most nastiest diseases to probably affect mankind since the plague itself. lets join together and help fight disease and find cures because together we can do anything it is when we are scared and run when nothing great is ever achieved.