Allergy Season

Apr 26, 2011 Author Guy

Map of Allergy Cities

This map pretty much shows you what’s going on with allergies in America. There are tons of cities having serious symptoms. I know there are cities not even shown on this map that are bad if you are sensitive to certain things, like mold or pine pollen.

Lunch Break

Mar 6, 2011 Author Guy

Let’s be honest – we are all getting pretty sick of the taste of food from McDonalds. Right? I mean the burgers are so thin, they have no taste – they are fried. They can’t be healthy for you.

I like the french fries at Mickey Dee’s, but the rest of the food there is so bland and I think I’ve just eaten there so much over the years that I’m sick of it.

Flu Shots Again

Sep 27, 2010 Author Guy

This year I am going to try and get the flu shot that everyone is so happy with these past few years. I don’t like needles, which has prevented me from getting the flu shot in the past, but I’m tired of spending at least a week each winter with the flu. It really sucks getting the flu each year, it knocks me down for at least a week and I end up missing a chunk of work that is really hard to make up and get back in control when I finally get back to my desk.

I’m gonna call my doctor and make an appointment during my lunch break tomorrow and get the job done and over with.

Fall Allergies

Sep 20, 2010 Author Guy

Most people think that the spring is the worst time for allergy sufferers like myself. Spring is indeed a difficult time but in all honesty Fall is the worst offender for many of us. Not that I’m anxious for Winter to be rearing his ugly head any time soon, but I am tired of taking allergy medicine over and over again. I’ve been told that getting the shots is the way to go, but I gotta tell you, I’m just not all that crazy about needles and from what I understand you usually have to have these allergy shots for 3 to 5 years. That is a lot of needling going on there that keeps me from looking any further into the shot issue!

Flu Shots

Sep 7, 2010 Author Guy

I have always taken advantage to the free flu shots that my employer provided to each employee. Due to budget cut backs we will not be receiving that benefit and we have been left on our own to get this important flu shot. Last year was a night mare with the big scare with the shortage of the “swine flu” vaccinations and so many people getting sick and/or dying from this newest flu that we keep battling with year after year.

Our insurance does cover this important flu shot, but taking the time to make an appointment at my PCP and taking the time off of work to show up for the appointment just is another bothersome task to tackle in these busy days of mine.