Good Bye and Good Riddance Verizon

Sep 24, 2010 Author Guy

I have been waiting for two long years to end my 2 year obligation that I signed up with Verizon as my cell phone provider. My phone is falling apart and since at the end of this month I’ll be Verizon free, it looks like I should start looking around and start comparing what phones are out there and what best deals are available for me to take advantage of.

There are numerous websites that make this task a much easier one to tackle. They take the leg work out of finding various information on the subject (this time the subject being a new cell phone provider along with a new phone) and assist with comparing the numerous companies that are out there competing for our business.

Two and A Half Men

Sep 13, 2010 Author Guy

There are a few comedy sitcoms that I still watch. Reality TV has taken offer so many of the channels these days, that the sitcoms have really taken a back seat in today’s television programming. Two ad A Half Men is one of my all time favorites and have been enjoying it for years. I’m so glad that it keeps managing to come back each year and I can only hope that Charlie Sheen can stay out of trouble for a few more years and keep the show alive and kicking for as long as it keeps providing us with good writing and good jokes.

Crazy Videos

Sep 10, 2010 Author Guy

There are so many shows on the TV these days that are making a killing on Video taping. Of course America’s Funniest Videos has been around the longest, if you don’t want to count “Candid Camera” but now these video programmers are specializing their features. Like there a few on The Animal Planet that pertain to funny pet/animal videos, True TV has many that are about the bizarre and dangerous ones. There there are the cop and robbers ones that come on late at night, alot of which is captured on the camera installed in most police cars these days. And there are plenty more out there to be enjoyed that I haven’t named off here.

It just amazes me how much is caught on some time of video these days. Big brother has arrived and big time wouldn’t you agree?

So where will they be in 10 years?

Aug 19, 2008 Author Guy

Ever thought about where computers will be in ten years? I mean if they keep doubling in speed and getting twice as small in size and getting cheaper every year than one starts to wonder where they will be soon or at least I am. I can see a day when computers are embedded into our clothing and maybe into ourselves one day soon with it being smarter than any desktop computer of today.

So what about the other things in life, where are they going to be in 10 years and what do you think they will evolve into? If you dare leave your thoughts about what ever!