Start Shopping, Slackers

Dec 2, 2011 Author Guy

Everybody that I know has started their Christmas shopping. Some of them claim they have finished it all. Damn – I must be a slacker. Even though I did go out and deal with all that Black Friday mess, I scored some deals on things – like a sweet 42″ LED HD flatscreen for my bedroom – but they were for ME – not for Christmas gifts. LOL

Free ATM

Jun 5, 2011 Author Guy

One of the best things about the local Thornton’s gas station is that they have an ATM inside the store and there are no bank fees charged for you to use it. Of course, no one uses it to put money IN. People use it to get money OUT.

And it’s smart of Thornton’s to realize that if people can get access to their cash from the ATM, then they are more likely to spend money in the store while they are there and have the cash.

4G Rocks

May 16, 2011 Author Guy

I’ve been lusting after an Android phone. They want too much money for them though. Especially since I am so hard on phones. I am always dropping them and losing them.

My brother decided to bite the bullet and get the new phone with 4G. He called to brag about it. I told him to bring it over here and let me see it. I might want one.