Fucking CAPTCHA Codes Drive me NUTS

Aug 28, 2012 Author Guy

There are so many really cool things about the internet and then there seems to be some asshat comes along and figures out a way to ruin it for everyone. The worst is the hackers – because they actually try to do harm, whether you respond or not. And the second worst is those fucking spammers who flood your email inbox and your web site comments with bullshit. It is a huge waste of time to have to delete all that unwanted garbage but if you are ever stupid enough to click on one of the spam messages then you are really fucked.

So the average person has to go to great lengths to protect themselves, like downloading anti-virus programs, anti-malware programs, and constantly updating your security features. And then there is the worst of all inconveniences – the fucking CAPTCHA codes.

What is it about those squirrelly letters and numbers in different colors and weird fuzzy shapes that makes it so hard for me to figure out what the fuck the code is when I have to type it in? I sometimes fail three or four of those fucking codes before I can get into my own fucking email! I hate that shit!

Fucking I Phone

Apr 28, 2012 Author Guy

OMFG I have a love hate relationship with this fucking I Phone. It crashes at least once a week and I lost my information the first time. Fortunately I saved my old phone and was able to get the info transferred again. It was a pain in the ass though to have to go down there and do it. This time I am using the online feature to save my info, that way if it crashes again I can just log on with the phone and download it like that.

I really didn’t know that this feature was there until after I had to go back to the store.  One of my friends has one and told me about it. You would think that the people who sold it to me might have mentioned that to me when I bought it. Some people are just lazy ass hats though. Honestly, if you aren’t going to do your job right, then find a new one and let someone who actually likes the job have it. Lord knows there are plenty of people looking for work right now. Anyway, I am still calling them to bitch about the crash problems and if it keeps happening, I will take it back and ask for my money back.

Fucking internet

Feb 9, 2012 Author Guy

I hate my fucking internet company. I have to change them and soon. At least once a week my net goes out and I cannot get online. I am so tired of this shit. I know I shouldn’t have gotten internet through a satellite company, but it was a package deal with them and it sucks ass. I am seriously thinking about going back to cable. At least the cable only goes out when the lines are down from a big storm and not before hand, during or after a regular thunder storm.

I am researching the local companies to see who has the best deal. I can tell you now that Charter is looking real good too. They have the same package I have with satellite for less money. That is definitely a bonus. I will call them in a few minutes to see what they say, then I have to call my satellite company and cancel my account with them. Knowing them, they will probably try to charge me for breaking the contract, but I have registered enough complaints that I should be able to keep that from happening. Wish me luck people, I am going to need it. Damn satellite assholes.

Drinking Bacon

Jan 7, 2012 Author Guy

diet coke

I know that there are some strange foods and odd drinks on the market. Especially in other countries. I wonder if there really is a Diet Coke with bacon flavor? So many people know how to use Photoshop that this could be a fake photo. I found the photo on Facebook, so it could be just a fake digital image that someone made for a laugh. But I like bacon and I have to admit that a flavored Diet Coke is intriguing.

Lost the Remote

Dec 29, 2011 Author Guy

Went into the living room today and wanted to watch a show on the big flat screen. Wouldn’t you know that some jackass took the remote out of the living room? I can’t find it, so I can’t even turn on the damn TV, because the manual on/off switch is broken. So the TV is dark, I’m pissed, and there’s no remote to be found. FML.