Four Wheeling

Mar 23, 2012 Author Guy

I just bought a fucking four wheeler. I couldn’t resist the lure after last weekends fun out at the mud pits. They are all on sale right now with really low financing and I can more than afford it so I went ahead and did it. Since I own a truck, transporting it will be easy. I can drive it up the ramps and right into the back of the truck. Next weekend I wont have to borrow anyone else’s ATV because now I have my own. I think I will take this little girl I have been seeing with me.

She is country all the way, so I know that she will love it. To be honest, I am surprised that she wasn’t there, because the friends who introduced us were there. I guess she had to work or something. I can’t really remember what they said because I was having so much fun. This is a dream I have had for a long time anyway, so I am really happy that I could make it come true. I am going to buy a tent and some camping supplies now, so that I can have my own little camp.

New Grill

Sep 12, 2011 Author Guy

Can’t believe that any of the stores still have any summer merchandise on the floor, but the few things that are left are marked down big time! I scored tonight at Target. They had a sweet gas grill that originally listed for over $400 marked down to $120. Since it was the last one in the store, the floor model, and it had no box, I talked the guy into even more of a discount and I walked out with a monster new grill for $98! Hell yeah – steaks on the Barbie tonight!


Sep 1, 2011 Author Guy

Here it is the first day of September. I don’t usually like the first day of the month. All my bills are due on the first of the month except for my car insurance, which Thank God!, is not due until the 20th each month. So the first two weeks of every month mean that I am broke and have to wait to get some fun money until i get the next paycheck.

This month, the Labor Day weekend actually means I get a day off – with pay. So I can relax next Monday and not worry about the paycheck being short on the 15th. That helps.

Free ATM

Jun 5, 2011 Author Guy

One of the best things about the local Thornton’s gas station is that they have an ATM inside the store and there are no bank fees charged for you to use it. Of course, no one uses it to put money IN. People use it to get money OUT.

And it’s smart of Thornton’s to realize that if people can get access to their cash from the ATM, then they are more likely to spend money in the store while they are there and have the cash.


May 18, 2011 Author Guy

Found a bunch of stamps stuck in the back of a drawer and I don’t know if they are any good or not. I know they didn’t expire. I mean I don’t know how much it costs to mail a letter these days. The price is always going up and I hardly ever mail anything. So if these stamps are the current value I’ll need to go buy some penny stamps or whatever to make up the difference. What a drag that is.