WTF is that Car?

Sep 8, 2012 Author Guy

Saw a car in the parking lot of Kroger last night and it really grabbed my attention. First of all, it was this weird yellowish orange color that I haven’t noticed on any other cars. I’m not a fan of yellow cars anyway – I think they are ugly. Some colors just don’t belong on cars, you know what I mean?

Anyway, the body style of the car was very modern and slick. At first I thought it was a new Porsche or some new European model car. That is not all that unusual around here, because we have a lot of filthy rich motherfuckers living in Nashville. Between all the music business people and famous singers and songwriters, plus all the pro-sports people, Nashville is loaded with rich people who drive fancy cars.

So, I was intrigued to see both the actual model of the car and also if it had any particular vanity license plates that would give me a clue as to who was driving this sweet ride. So, I drove around the end of the two other lanes in the parking lot and drove the wrong way away from the exit just to get a good look at the car.

Turns out the car had temporary paper tags on it – so it was brand new and no help there with who owned it. And the little silver logo piece on the back of the car says that it is a Nissan. Holy Mother – that is a sweeeeeeeeeet ride! I want one of those!

Tony Stewart

Mar 5, 2012 Author Guy

I cannot believe how many fucking races Tony Stewart has won already. He is on fire. As all of you know I am a die hard racing fan and Nascar is the best. My favorite driver is Earnhardt Jr, and he is doing really well this year. He is third in the points standings, even though he hasn’t won a race yet this year. Stewart however is coming up from the back and taking races like a champ. I really want Dale to win a few this year though and I hope he is able to.

Last year he came close so many time but either blew a tire in the last lap or ran out of gas. I was not happy with his pit crew last year, but they certainly seem to be doing better this year. I haven’t heard that he changed any of them out, but if he didn’t he must have gotten up their asses over that shit last year. I know I would have.  I am hoping to be able to make it to at least one race this year, but I don’t know which one it will be. I thought about going to the Homestead race so I can see the last race of the year, but traveling to Florida in November might be difficult. We shall see.

Daytona 500 baby

Feb 22, 2012 Author Guy

I can’t fucking wait. Daytona is this weekend and it is going to rock ! I may like football, but Nascar is where my heart lies. There is nothing better than to sit in the stands and feel the rumble of the engines as they go by. I am flying to Daytona to see the race in person. I will stay with some friends who live in Florida, not far from Daytona. Unfortunately they have to work, but I promised to bring them t-shirts from the race. John has offered me his camcorder to take with me to record the race. I haven’t decided if I will do that or not.  It depends on the camcorder. If it will last the whole race than it wont be that bad.

I have pit passes too, which means I will come back with a lot of signatures of my favorite drivers and their crews. I cannot wait to get Dale Jr’s siggy on my hat and Jeff Gordons siggy on my jersey. I am probably going to spend way more money then I should, but what the hell. This shit doesn’t happen all the time and I don’t know what will happen next year so this is it. Take advantage while I can.

Red Cars

Aug 31, 2010 Author Guy

A headline story on Yahoo news claims to have “the truth about red cars.” So I was curious and read the article. It says that red cars are popular because the color red portrays power. But I say that the color red also means passion and it means high risk.

The article says that the most popular car color in the United States is white. The second most popular color is silver. The least popular colors include orange, purple, pink and green.

I think the popular colors of cars also depend upon where you live. I know that in the desert states, the hot southwestern and the hot southern states all make driving a dark colored car very uncomfortable. So it would be natural to choose a white or silver colored car in those states. In the colder northern states, the color black is both practical and popular.

Waiting for the perfect car

May 2, 2008 Author Guy

I can not wait for the days when the cars drive themselves because when ever I go on the highways around here it always seems like everyone on the road is drunk or high. I wonder if the cars that drive themselves are really going to be here in my life time or if they are just a dream that will never come.

I would rather have cars that drive themselves than cars that fly to be honest last thing I want is someone crash landing there car in the house because something failed. Of course one that runs off of water or electricity would be nice as well.