My Weekend’s Busted Plans

Oct 23, 2017 Author Guy

Well, I had such an amazing weekend planned, but it was a total bust. Wanted to go do the local Fall Festival and enjoy the food and atmosphere, but alas, I was called into work to take care of an emergency that came up. The usual weekend “on-call” person had already left town due to a family crisis and not available. Now I had to miss all that yummy food and fun. It was not my idea of a good weekend. I spent all of my time indoors trying to fix someone’s colossal screw up.

On the plus side, my paycheck is going to be really good and make me very happy when I see it. Time and a half for one day and double for the next, makes up for some of what I missed. Now I can put the money to go do something at a later date and not worry if I am spending too much. I mean let’s face it, in today’s economy we all have to watch what we spend and budget our money responsibly. I feel fortunate that I have a decent job, when so many do not and have to work two or more to get by. I know I will find another festival or something later on. One of the great things about living here is that there is always something fun to do on the weekends!