Fucking CAPTCHA Codes Drive me NUTS

Aug 28, 2012 Author Guy

There are so many really cool things about the internet and then there seems to be some asshat comes along and figures out a way to ruin it for everyone. The worst is the hackers – because they actually try to do harm, whether you respond or not. And the second worst is those fucking spammers who flood your email inbox and your web site comments with bullshit. It is a huge waste of time to have to delete all that unwanted garbage but if you are ever stupid enough to click on one of the spam messages then you are really fucked.

So the average person has to go to great lengths to protect themselves, like downloading anti-virus programs, anti-malware programs, and constantly updating your security features. And then there is the worst of all inconveniences – the fucking CAPTCHA codes.

What is it about those squirrelly letters and numbers in different colors and weird fuzzy shapes that makes it so hard for me to figure out what the fuck the code is when I have to type it in? I sometimes fail three or four of those fucking codes before I can get into my own fucking email! I hate that shit!