Housework Sucks

Nov 16, 2011 Author Guy

I hate housework. If I made just a little more money every month, I would hire a girl to come clean my damn house. I seriously hate cleaning – especially the bathroom. I just don’t even want to deal with it. I need a damn raise so I can get a maid.

Lucky Dog

Nov 10, 2011 Author Guy


The F Word

Nov 2, 2011 Author Guy

So all my life I’ve heard that using the word, Fuck, is considered a curse word. But sometimes we all have to refer to that word. So the uptight and overly proper people resorted to calling it “the “F” word.” And everyone is supposed to know that when they hear “the F word” that the person means Fuck.

So, if you know that is what they are saying, what is the difference between them saying the word or not? They have communicated that word to you and you both know the meaning of it. So why cover it up? That is like lying, in my book.