Medical Shows

Oct 21, 2011 Author Guy

Over the years there have been a lot of good TV dramas based on hospitals and doctors. When I was a kid I remember a show called Ben Casey and Dr. Kildare. Then there was Dr. Marcus Welby. Later there was ER and now Grey’s Anatomy. A lot of good shows, with great actors and good writers.

No Excuses

Oct 15, 2011 Author Guy

find a way

Scrambling Eggs

Oct 9, 2011 Author Guy

One thing I learned from watching the Food Network is how to make the perfect scrambled eggs. Like most people, I learned how to cook breakfast from watching my mom cook. Some people might also learn by working in a fast food restaurant or full service restaurant. But I learned from my mom, who put milk in the eggs when she beat them. I learned from the Food Channel that milk or water is not a good thing to add to scrambled eggs. Eggs and added milk or water will separate during the cooking and create wet, overcooked eggs.

New Music

Oct 3, 2011 Author Guy

The best feature on Spotify is the the selection of new music that they list and you can hear free. I really like hearing albums from groups that I might not otherwise get to listen to. The new music gives you all the songs on the album and you have have chance to hear it and decide if you like it before making the decision to buy that music.