Just noise

Sep 17, 2011 Author Guy

Tried my best to listen to some new tunes tonight. I don’t know what has happened to music. There is so much talent out there, but the new stuff making it onto albums and being release just sounds like crap. I really don’t like the noise. Maybe I’m getting old – I don’t know. I just can’t find much new music worth a crap.

New Grill

Sep 12, 2011 Author Guy

Can’t believe that any of the stores still have any summer merchandise on the floor, but the few things that are left are marked down big time! I scored tonight at Target. They had a sweet gas grill that originally listed for over $400 marked down to $120. Since it was the last one in the store, the floor model, and it had no box, I talked the guy into even more of a discount and I walked out with a monster new grill for $98! Hell yeah – steaks on the Barbie tonight!

SOA tonight!

Sep 6, 2011 Author Guy

Cannot wait to watch the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy. My girlfriend got me hooked on this show 3 years ago. I really dig it – even though I know that real life bikers are not like that. Its still a nice change to see stories about bikers that make them seem like real people instead of the comical neanderthals most of the movies and TV shows make them out to be.


Sep 1, 2011 Author Guy

Here it is the first day of September. I don’t usually like the first day of the month. All my bills are due on the first of the month except for my car insurance, which Thank God!, is not due until the 20th each month. So the first two weeks of every month mean that I am broke and have to wait to get some fun money until i get the next paycheck.

This month, the Labor Day weekend actually means I get a day off – with pay. So I can relax next Monday and not worry about the paycheck being short on the 15th. That helps.