Sad Loss of Navy Seals

Aug 7, 2011 Author Guy

The news tells us this morning that a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan and all on board were killed. The loss includes a team of Navy Seals – the same Unit that recently captured Bin Laden. They were evidently on an immediate rescue mission to help a unit of Army Rangers engaged in a firefight. It sounds like the terrorists won this particular battle.

New Movies on Tuesdays

Aug 2, 2011 Author Guy

Not sure why all the movies get released on Tuesdays. I don’t usually want to watch a movie on Tuesday night. I prefer to watch a movie on Friday night, when there is nothing good on TV and only if there are no friends to go out clubbing or hanging out with. But I do notice the names of the movies that come out – I’m just not interested in watching them on Tuesdays.