Allergy Season

Apr 26, 2011 Author Guy

Map of Allergy Cities

This map pretty much shows you what’s going on with allergies in America. There are tons of cities having serious symptoms. I know there are cities not even shown on this map that are bad if you are sensitive to certain things, like mold or pine pollen.

Procrastinators of America

Apr 17, 2011 Author Guy

OK – so we got an extra couple of days to file our taxes. The deadline is usually April 15, but this year we get the weekend and don’t have to mail them until Monday, the18th. And I still have not done mine. LOL

I will get them done on time – I always do. But it’s like my tradition to put it off until the last possible moment. I never get any money back, so why should I hurry?


Apr 4, 2011 Author Guy

What is up with the Pringles cans? It seems like they have been one size forever, since they were introduced in the grocery stores 20 years ago. But today I went to the store and found two different sizes. The smaller size is the price I’m used to paying, but it obviously has less chips in it. The larger size is the right size can, but the price went up a dollar. That’s crazy!