Mar 28, 2011 Author Guy

My hair is getting long. I don’t like the way it sticks up in the morning, like I stuck a finger in an electrical socket. I mean, it’s bad! So I’m getting it almost buzz cut this time. In fact, I could probably buzz it myself and save $20. That’s an idea.

Ice Cream

Mar 18, 2011 Author Guy

Its not summer yet, but I’ve been craving ice cream. I have no idea what is bringing this on. I almost never eat anything sweet, I rarely have a dessert, and yet ice cream haunts me daily. I have bought a half gallon of Blue Bell’s homemade strawberry and hope it lasts me a long time. Thank God we have Blue Bell ice cream around here now – that is the world’s best ice cream. Seriously.

Lunch Break

Mar 6, 2011 Author Guy

Let’s be honest – we are all getting pretty sick of the taste of food from McDonalds. Right? I mean the burgers are so thin, they have no taste – they are fried. They can’t be healthy for you.

I like the french fries at Mickey Dee’s, but the rest of the food there is so bland and I think I’ve just eaten there so much over the years that I’m sick of it.