Kindle Me

Feb 24, 2011 Author Guy

Everyone wants a Kindle so they can read books on a tablet instead of buying a real book. I don’t know if that is fair to all the book authors and publishing companies. Are the right people making money on these Kindles or are people getting ripped off like Napster did to the music business?

I hear the Kindle sells for about $120. That is the cheapest version, the small one, in only black and white. I want one in color, so I guess I have to wait until the price comes down a little – hopefully later this year.

Free Falling

Feb 12, 2011 Author Guy

Caught a great song on the radio this morning on my way to the gas station. It was a Tom Petty song, from back in the 1990’s, I believe. I might have to look up the date later to be sure. But it seems it was late 80’s or early 90’s. If I had to make a guess and put money on it, I would say 1990.

The song was called Free Falling. I remember drinking beers in the back seat of a friend’s car, with my girlfriend on a double date with my buddy and his girlfriend. We all sang along with that song when it came on the radio. Good times!

Mr. Groundhog – the Rodent of Honor

Feb 2, 2011 Author Guy

Today all eyes are on the groundhog. Does he see his shadow? Does he come out of his burrow and stay out? Will Spring ever come?

Well, the official word is that the groundhog in Pennsylvania has seen his shadow and he is going back to sleep for another 6 weeks – at least. Bad news for the people who wanted an early Spring.