Two and A Half Men

Sep 13, 2010 Author Guy

There are a few comedy sitcoms that I still watch. Reality TV has taken offer so many of the channels these days, that the sitcoms have really taken a back seat in today’s television programming. Two ad A Half Men is one of my all time favorites and have been enjoying it for years. I’m so glad that it keeps managing to come back each year and I can only hope that Charlie Sheen can stay out of trouble for a few more years and keep the show alive and kicking for as long as it keeps providing us with good writing and good jokes.

Crazy Videos

Sep 10, 2010 Author Guy

There are so many shows on the TV these days that are making a killing on Video taping. Of course America’s Funniest Videos has been around the longest, if you don’t want to count “Candid Camera” but now these video programmers are specializing their features. Like there a few on The Animal Planet that pertain to funny pet/animal videos, True TV has many that are about the bizarre and dangerous ones. There there are the cop and robbers ones that come on late at night, alot of which is captured on the camera installed in most police cars these days. And there are plenty more out there to be enjoyed that I haven’t named off here.

It just amazes me how much is caught on some time of video these days. Big brother has arrived and big time wouldn’t you agree?

Flu Shots

Sep 7, 2010 Author Guy

I have always taken advantage to the free flu shots that my employer provided to each employee. Due to budget cut backs we will not be receiving that benefit and we have been left on our own to get this important flu shot. Last year was a night mare with the big scare with the shortage of the “swine flu” vaccinations and so many people getting sick and/or dying from this newest flu that we keep battling with year after year.

Our insurance does cover this important flu shot, but taking the time to make an appointment at my PCP and taking the time off of work to show up for the appointment just is another bothersome task to tackle in these busy days of mine.


Sep 3, 2010 Author Guy

Hurricane Earl is going to effect millions of people over the week end. The news is full of updates with tracking of and the damage control. The east coast is in for a rough and rocky Labor Day weekend, what a bummer for all of the people that had plans for the last weekend of this summer’s season.

I don’t think that we will be affected much where we live. Maybe a rain storm or two, but nothing in comparison to the folks that are living close to the waters. We can only pray that no one gets seriously hurt or killed during this disaster.

Back To School Happy Dance

Sep 2, 2010 Author Guy

It was so funny to see the kids and the parents at the bus stops yesterday morning for the first day back to school. I wasn’t aware that yesterday was the first day of school, so it caught me off guard to see all the yellow school buses on the road and the bus stops full of kids.

What cracked me up was watching the parents doing their “Back To School Happy Dance” after the school bus finally pulled away, fully loaded with all their gone for the entire day. I’m sure there are a lot of parents sighing with relief at this point.