Some other great bloggers writing

Oct 11, 2008 Author Guy

For all the good stuff you will read about here it will never be as good as these two blogs I am about to point out to you because they are written by very smart people who have great ideas unlike your truly. Anyways the first blog is called Another Critic With Guts which is written by a guy who holds no punched when it comes to the things he writes

The other is written be a woman named Mrs Mary who writes about all kinds of cool stuff. If you have never had the pleasure of reading these two blogs then be sure to head over and check them out sometime soon!

Take your praise! Bitch

Oct 8, 2008 Author Guy

This fucking song rocks its called take Your Praise by Camille Yarbrough which I like I just said fucking rocks! So with that said go find it and take a listen for yourself to see if I am right and if you think I am wrong well your so very very wrong I can tell you that much because this song, well you know that already so what are you still doing here go have a listen already!

Every once and awhile I like to write about random shit that comes along in my life and this was one of those times! But that is what this blog is about sharing awesome things with you the reader and me so i can easily find things again!