Romance is in the air

Jun 20, 2008 Author Guy

Romance is in the air this time of year and I can just feel it sometimes and smell it as well it almost reminds me of my younger years when i would ride around town with friends and look around and hollar at women as they strolled thru town.

Of course i found the woman I married not that way but rather she found me one day while we were at a party at college we had both went to and it was there she knocked into me and spilled her drink all over me she told me later she had done it on purpose so i would stop talking to these other girls and come over and chat with her, lol.

I do not regret what she did one bit but would rather she split the drink on my pants rather than my jacket and shirt.

Lets get it done

Jun 4, 2008 Author Guy

Out of the box thinking is going to be needed if we are going to find cures for any new diseases in my opinion anytime soon. things like using radio waves. lasers, stem cells and out of the box thinking in order to cure these diseases that affect so may men and women of the planet.

We could be days away from a cure if we just started looking outside the box for ways to cure some of the most nastiest diseases to probably affect mankind since the plague itself. lets join together and help fight disease and find cures because together we can do anything it is when we are scared and run when nothing great is ever achieved.